john richardson
John Richardson

JOHN RICHARDSON worked for more than fifteen years in the coffee-bar and restaurant industry, at one time running the largest sandwich business in Ireland. He used his experience to write Wake Up and Smell the Profit: 52 Guaranteed Ways to Make Money in Your Coffee Business and The Coffee Boys Step-by-step Guide to Setting Up and Managing Your Own Coffee Bar. A keen golfer, he lives with his wife and daughter in Bangor, Northern Ireland.



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Dream On Cover

Famed Scottish golfer and commentator Sam Torrance told John Richardson to "dream on," when Richardson told him he was determined to break par in a year. John was a typical weekend golfer with a wife, a daughter, a full-time job – and a goal. DREAM ON: ONE HACKER'S CHALLENGE TO BREAK PAR IN A YEAR is the true story of how John Richardson went from being an average 24-handicapper to breaking par (72) in one year's time at the local golf course while working a demanding job and trying his best to remain a good husband and father. Virtually everyone he came across told him it couldn't be done. PGA Tour pro Darren Clarke told him that three years would be a more realistic time frame. Add to the mix a range of golf injuries and a rigorous work schedule, and you can see Richardson took on no small challenge. Dream On is the hilarious and inspiring story of how John achieved the seemingly impossible - how the initial challenge took shape, and the methods he used to dramatically improve his game to that glorious day, less than one year later, when he broke par and played the best round of his life.

'Well done young man!' Sam Torrance, BBC commentary during the Open at Turnberry

‘While the overwhelming majority of us would be content with the occasional miracle in a thousand efforts, the author went after 70 of them. Consecutively. Yes, the Ulsterman made it his mission to go from being unable to break 100, to breaking par in the space of a year. And not only that, but the self-avowed slob in his late thirties would do so while holding down a full-time job as well as bringing up a family. As Sam Torrance said when he heard of the project, 'Dream On!'. Thus the Scot gave Richardson his title, if not some extra incentive.’ James Corrigan, Golf Correspondent, The Independent

'For golfers [John's] achievement is already being marvelled at and studiously picked over for any nugget of information that will help them improve. But whether you are a golfer or not, John's story is a lesson for life. It may be the cliché of all clichés but if you believe in something and work hard for it, then you can achieve it.' Irish Times

‘A great, heart-warming story…Read it and see how you can turn your golfing dreams into reality.’ Irish Independent


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Film rights: Artifice Media, director Farren Blackburn, starring Richard Coyle, Sienna Guillory, Nick Faldo and Sam Torrence. In development.

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