Robin Baker

ROBIN BAKER is a bestselling author in the field of sexual biology. He is a writer, lecturer and broadcaster with over a hundred scientific papers and journalistic articles to his name. He now lives in the south of Spain with his family. He is currently at work on a non-fiction book about sex and religion provisionally entitled SEX BEFORE BELIEF: The Birth of the World's Religions, which shows how our (mis)understandings about sex and procreation have created the tenets of the world religions.


sperm wars
Sperm Wars

Now a modern classic of popular science writing, SPERM WARS is Robin Baker’s revolutionary thesis about sex. Evolution has programmed men to conquer and monopolise women, while women, without ever knowing they are doing it, seek the best genetic input on offer from potential sexual partners. He reveals the new facts of life: 10 per cent of children are not fathered by their ‘fathers’, less than 1 per cent of a man’s sperm is capable of fertilising anything, and a woman is far more likely to conceive through a casual fling than through sex with her regular partner.


Baker describes fictionalised scenes and then explains the science behind the actions to demonstrate how our everyday behaviour fits into a pattern of evolution.


First published to acclaim and controversy in 1996, SPERM WARS turned centuries-old biological assumptions on their head and is as relevant today as it ever was. Scientific research since first publication has proved Robin Baker absolutely right.


His other non-fiction titles include BABY WARS, SEX IN THE FUTURE and FRAGILE SCIENCE.


‘The most entertaining science book of the year.’ Sunday Times


‘Riveting.’ The Times


‘Fascinating.’ Daily Mail


'A thought-provoking author who forces you to re-examine widely held beliefs.' Desmond Morris


'Baker explains genuinely complex situations with beguiling simplicity.' Scotland on Sunday


Praise for BABY WARS:


'This is seductive stuff, offering (apparently) logical answers to many questions about human behaviour.' Claire Rayner


“A thought-provoking book directly thanks to Baker's controversial theories. Moreover, this is a very entertaining read.”

NO Nachrichten


'In comparison to earlier approaches to behaviour research... Baker is refreshingly realistic... Above all, Baker's book is of value as it strongly against the controversial idea that harmony exists everywhere in nature.' Thomas Kramer, SPECTRUM



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Lord of the Flies meets Lost meets The Beach. Presumed dead, a group of undergraduate students who go missing on a deserted Pacific island emerge one year later in two groups of ragged (and naked) survivors. All but one of the surviving women have conceived, and two students, plus their professor, are said to have died. In the glare of the world's media, every survivor sticks to the same unconvincing version of events. Piece-by-piece the narrator examines the evidence and conducts interviews with the survivors, to work out exactly what happened on the island during that year. Slowly, a disturbing picture emerges of feral humans driven by rivalry and sexual tension ...a scenario that tests the supposedly dead professor's theory that by nature people are no different from apes in the wild.


'Primal is a fascinating examination of what human nature really is.
Terrific stuff, and heads and shoulders above what most people come to expect from a publisher's 'horror line', and as such a fitting addition to a very high quality line of literary, intelligent works of edgy fiction.' British Fantasy Society Forum


‘If you are looking for something to get you through a day's sunbathing, this will do the trick.’ News of the World


'Wow, double wow. Primal is one of the best books I have read this year by far. Robin Baker sucks you into a world where you are ultimately amazed and perplexed by the story that unfolds. Told from many views at times, Primal is neither confusing nor dull, but flows so smoothly as you race through to the end. Fully developed characters and an amazingly complex storyline about human nature are what are in the pages of Primal. This is one book that will blow you away. You will WANT to read this book, I have no doubt.' Coffee Time Romance and MoreUS


'Robin Baker is a living legend in evolutionary science, especially for his groundbreaking research on sperm competition in humans... I always considered Baker one of the very best scientific writers. I now consider him one of my favorite fiction novelists. These are wonderful books, captivating. All three novels weave modern evolutionary science into modern-day whodunits.'

Professor Todd K. Shackelford, Chair of Psychology, Oakland University, Michigan


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The Hitchhiker's Child

A story of murder and mystery, love and sacrifice: a man gives a lift to an unusual hitchhiker, a woman who has been thrown bound and naked from a car. As he hears her bizarre but intriguing story, it seems that there is nobody who could be the father of her child, least of all her rich, powerful and vindictive husband. Mark de Vries teaches Zoology at an English University; the rest of his time he spends with his research team in the remote Kalahari Desert. Against his will, Mark is drawn into the mystery of the hitchhiker's child. A sequence of murders, rapes, intimidation and blackmail means that both his livelihood and survival depend on finding the answer. When the mystery is solved it becomes clear that what happened to the hitchhiker could happen to anybody. As in PRIMAL and CABALLITO, the innovative sexual science behind THE HITCHHIKER'S CHILD is real.


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Max, a young lecturer in anthropology, discovers a couple of handwritten pages written by a Victorian adventuress who once lived with an unknown tribe in the Amazon. Determined to discover more, Max is dragged into a world of mysterious suicides, pagan sects, child prostitution and police harassment, where cultures and moralities collide. CABALLITO is also a vision of an alternative society, one in which fatherhood and childhood innocence have no meaning, and where communities share everything, including each other. Once upon a time, it was how all people lived - a few still do.


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