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(1961) was born in Amstelveen and studied history in Amsterdam. Hij lives and works in Sweden, in a former country vicarage, together with his wife and three children. He first published in the literary magazine Tirade and went to write for De Gids and Passionate Magazine. His debut, the story collection Onmiddelijke terugkeer van uw geliefde ('Immediate Return of your Loved One'), won him the Lucy B. and the C.W. van der Hoogt Prize.
stage iv (stadium IV)
Stadium 4

'Beautiful, clear, thoughtful prose – very precise vivid writing.' Cees Nooteboom

‘There is no stage V’. With these words Sarie Vervoort understands her cancer diagnosis. She is going to die. Instead of treatment she chooses a journey: back to Swedish Öland where she and her husband met for the first time, in the summer of 1968. It becomes a unique and extraordinary journey. In the idyllic summer landscape where they first fell in love, they now have to say goodbye. Stadium IV is the story of two people who attempt to keep their love alive in an impossible situation. The story of their youthful encounter, full of the arrogance of youth, the passion and the melodrama as well as the joy of discovering a soul-mate has echoes of the best of Murakami. Interspersed are the chapters of their current situation, with brutal and precise detail of what Sarie is going through. A portrait of a marriage and the courage of two ordinary people living a great tragedy.

Chosen by De Wereld Draait Door as ‘Book of the Month’. Called ‘A hymn to love’ by the top Dutch booksellers.

‘Beautiful, controlled and moving’ Het Haarlems Dagblad ****

‘Kollaard shows clearly how an illness can so easily drive a wedge between two people, however much they love each other.’ NRC

About his story collection Onmiddellijke terugkeer van uw geliefde: ‘The stories are carefully written, in a mildly ironic style,' wrote the prize jury. Also: ‘The stories force the reader to see the world with new eyes, which counts as the watermark for great literature.'

STAGE IV is his debut novel.


Van Oorschot, Netherlands

A1-Verlag, Germany

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