Cyrus Cyrus

Adam Zameenzad
Cyrus Cyrus

Born a Choodah, lowest of out-caste Indians, Cyrus is marked out at an early age by his sexual profligacy, supernatural intelligence and by the sign of the devil on his back. Following the violent deaths of members of his family, Cyrus escapes to the West and embarks on a series of fantastical adventures across America, involving religious sects, vagabonds and a lot of women. But it is in England where nemesis awaits Cyrus, and where he becomes the most notorious criminal of the century.

‘A cautionary tale that has thrown caution to the wind. Powerful, energetic and sometimes profound, it succeeds on many levels and accomplishes many things.’ Independent

‘Brilliant – truly funny and gloriously inventive.’ Sunday Times

‘The most exciting post-Rushdie fiction of the year.’ Valentine Cunningham

‘…outdistances 95 per cent of the thin gruel that passes for serious literary fiction these days.’ Blitz


  • Fourth Estate UK