A Strange Intimacy

(‘s Nachts doe ik alsof)

Annette Pas
A Strange Intimacy

Liesbeth lives in a glamorous world of new wealth, luxury, beautiful people, and unbridled ambitions. But Liesbeth’s world is treacherous. Intimacy is an investment in the future, people wear masks, and Liesbeth has a shameful secret she can no longer hide from Paulus, her successful fiancé. Desperate, Liesbeth seeks the help of her long lost friend Philomena.

Philomena is a strange creature. Liesbeth lives her life in bright spotlights, but Philomena prefers to live in the shadows, hidden away from the public eye. Impervious to money, fame or public opinion, Philomena is willful, reckless and mischievous, and never shy to break the rules. But Philomena also proves generous and resourceful. She effortlessly seems to grasp the true intentions and dark passions that hide behind the facades of Liesbeth’s world. Liesbeth rejoices when Philomena wants to help her.

But then Dame Fortune turns her back on Liesbeth and Paulus. A scandal breaks. Liesbeth and Paulus stand to lose everything. As their world starts to crumble, they get caught up in dangerous games where the lines between passion and insanity become blurred. Only a miracle can save them now. A miracle, or… Philomena?

But who is Philomena really? What will happen when the last masks fall?

A biting, intense, often hilarious, brave and highly intelligent satire on today’s world, it’s obsessions, passions, ignorance and misunderstandings. A beautifully crafted extremely insightful literary novel.

Never before have the tragic and the comic been so ingeniously interwoven.


  • Prometheus NL

Material: finished copies of Dutch edition; complete English translation.