Notes from an Air Cyclist

(Notities Can Een Luchtfietser)

Henk Van Woerden

Notes from an Air Cyclist

Van Woerden’s new book considers travel in the mind as much as in ‘reality’. Every journey is somehow already prepared for, as if it has a blueprint in the soul. In this way we visit Nantes, New York, Oudtshoorn, Isfahan, or Enschede. Simultaneously, however, Van Woerden takes us through the intriguing lands of fantasy, on the hunt for the meaning of homesickness, the expression of ‘national’ feeling, and the influence of landscape on art. Why did surrealism come from Brittany not Nebraska? Where can you find the most beautiful tree house in the Lowlands? Can a dog feel nostalgia, as a human being does? Written in Van Woerden’s inimitable style, this is a moving and often hilarious book.


  • Podium NL (original publisher)