Mater 2-10, Three Generations on the Korean Railroad

Hwang Sok-yong

Mater 2-10

Hwang’s new novel unfurls at full speed. The story of three generations of railroad workers from Lee Ji-chul to Yi Jino, his great-grandson and factory worker in current times, who is left high and dry by his employers and protests by occupying the top of the sixteen-story factory chimney. During the cold and long nightS, he talks to his ancestors and friends, chewing on the meaning of life, on wisdom passed down the generations.

Hwang has here achieved something rare – a novel that reflects the lives of modern industrial workers, presenting their roots through lives spanning over a hundred years and bringing those characters missing from our literary history, to the fore. The culmination of his life’s work and showcases Hwang at his best: bridging political struggle with literature.


  • Changbi Korea
  • Scribe World English
  • Editions Philippe Picquier France
  • Alianza World Spanish
  • Europa Verlag Germany
  • Hakusuisha Japan
  • Pi Press Arabic

Material: Finished copies of the Korean edition and PDF (600pp), synopsis in English