Mister Han

(Hanssi yeondaegi)

Hwang Sok-yong
Mister Han

A striking account of the life of a doctor during the Korean War, MISTER HAN is a pivotal work in contemporary Korean literature. Separated from his family, suddenly plunged into a world of corruption and suspicion, Mr Han is facing the adverse effects of his new situation. Through the doctor’s tribulations, Hwang Sok-yong portrays a world divided between North and South, in ideological turmoil between submission and betrayal, cruel clarity and pure idealism. Through the pathetic beauty of his character, Hwang presents an unforgettable snapshot of diverging history and identity.


  • Changbi Korea
  • Editions Zulma France
  • DTV Germany
  • Solum Norway
  • Bonniers Sweden
  • Thaqafa Arabic
  • ObarraO / Ibis Italy
  • Kastaniotis Greece

Material: Korean and French editions (151pp)