The Extinction Club

Jeffrey Moore

TV/Film Option sold to Lumanity Files (Maker of Born To Be Blue)
Selected for ‘Best Fiction Books of 2013’ By Kirkus
Shortlisted for The Hugh Maclennan Prize
Shortlisted for The Arthur Ellis Awards – Best Novel

The Extinction Club

‘Harrowing… entertaining as well as educating’ TLS

‘Animals don’t have rights, and they don’t torture beings for fun. So why do we call people civilized? Will leave readers swiping at tears.’ Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

On an icy late November night deep in the Canadian Laurentian mountains, Nile hears the thud of something being dumped. Inside a burlap sack he finds the bloodied but breathing body of a teenage girl and the peace he hoped to find up in the north vanishes. Against his better judgement, Nile resolves to treat Celeste’s wounds and is soon embroiled in her fight to stop the local hunters torturing and exterminating the wildlife – local hunters whose leader is about to come out of jail and who want Celeste dead. Nile and Celeste, two misfits whose friendship grows ever stronger, decide to turn the tables and hunt the hunters.

The Extinction Club is a powerful and poignant depiction of wildlife plunder and of those who dare to oppose it. It is also a darkly comic tale, in which the very urban Nile and the country-smart, near-genius Céleste teach each other about life and death, love and loss.

‘Teenager Celeste has a vocation, fighting those who hunt wildlife to extinction in the forests of her native Quebec. When American fugitive Nile finds her beaten and left for dead, he is drawn into a criminal underworld as dangerous as that of any city. This quirky, often humorous tale is a coming-of-age drama with a difference, a story with wildlife at its heart, which exposes the truth about human nature and makes a powerful, sobering point; if we continue to plunder the natural world, the planet will lose its diversity and humanity risks losing its soul.’ Waterstone’s Books Quarterly

‘If you took a Jack Reacher novel, gave it a twist, and added equal measures of noir and offbeat humor, you’d wind up with something like this book… A memorable thriller.’ Booklist

‘Gripping and incisive. Moore integrates the novel’s philosophical inquiries into violence and predation with an undeniably dynamic plot. His is not another plotless Canadian novel, nor is it merely one gun-filled chase through the woods after another. These gun chases are punctuated with compelling ideas…’ Globe and Mail

‘A masterful flair for characterization and quick-witted dialogue… a moving and playful novel about the ultimate strength of human connections and the unquenchable will to persist in the face of hardship.’ Quill & Quire

‘Set in a testosterone-gone-wrong hunters’ backwater in today’s Laurentian Mountains, it employs plot twists and graphic violence that would easily qualify for a Coen brothers’ screenplay. Most important, the novel displays a wizardry with language, especially wordplay, that has parallels in the works of some of Moore’s favourite writers—Saul Bellow, Vladimir Nabokov and David Mitchell.’ Winnipeg Free Press

‘Sensitive, witty, and believable.’ The Leeds Guide

‘Moore weaves strands of menace throughout as he builds towards the
novel’s claustrophobic close. Chilling and horrifying, this is a novel
to make you question the good in humanity.’ Time Out

‘The Extinction Club is a fantastic tour de force, as sophisticated as it is brutal.’ Heather O’Neill, author of Lullabies for Little Criminals
‘Narrated in two voices, Nile’s and Celeste’s, it’s simultaneously a story about the search for identity and a meditation on the survival of the fittest in a culture that preys upon defenceless things. The two principal characters are superbly developed and their relationship is the winning formula for a great book.’ RTE Guide

‘Brain-engraving imagery… A thrilling and chilling yarn about an addict on the run, attempted murder, redemption and organized animal cruelty in rural Quebec… Although Moore’s Laurentians are entirely imagined, he crafts a better, more believable, hope-filled and page-turning reality.’ Telegraph-Journal

‘Nile is funnier, wiser, more observant and better read than just about anybody he comes across … His healing of Céleste will ultimately heal him, and repair whatever thwarted or unfulfilled paternal issues he may have left behind. He is, in a word, a sane man in a crazy world.’ Toronto Star

‘Hallucinogenic, mind-bending… Moore deftly transforms the Laurentians from idyllic cottage country to a macabre landscape filled with predatory humans … Its eerie undercurrent calls to mind a David Lynch film.’ Montreal Gazette


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