Lisas Breath

(Lisa’s Adem)

Karel G. Van Loon
Lisa's Breath

His second novel is another phenomenal bestseller in Holland. Three central characters are all connected to the absent Lisa, who disappeared suddenly while on holiday in France, aged 17.

For Talm, her boyfriend, she was his first love; for her mother, her only child; for her stepfather, the secret that is his undoing. But was Lisa kidnapped, did she commit suicide, or did she simply run away? Those who remain must live with unanswerable questions. Speculation is fuelled by loss, by an absence that does not have an explanation.

Lisa’s adem explores how people cope in the vacuum that time cannot alter.


  • Veen NL (original publisher)
  • Gustav Kiepenheuer Germany
  • Norstedts Sweden
  • Gummerus Finland
  • Fazi Editore Italy
  • Pont Hungary

Material: Dutch (240pp) and German editions; sample English translation