10 Ways to Recycle a Corpse

and 100 More Dreadfully Distasteful Lists

Karl Shaw
10 ways to recycle a corpse

Karl Shaw’s follow up to his hugely successful Five People who Died During Sex. More bizarre but true facts presented in Karl’s inimitable style – fascinating, informative, hilarious, often shocking, always entertaining. Find out who hated the Beatles; what happened to certain famous genitalia; which people who died on the toilet; who ate their neighbours; some bizarre rules of etiquette; the most dangerous jobs in popular music; 10 ways to recycle a corpse and much much more.

‘This book could be called magnetic. It pulls you in, the way a magnet pulls a paper clip, and it doesn’t want to let you go.’ Wall Street Journal

‘Don’t start 10 Ways to Recycle a Corpse at bedtime. You may lose a lot of sleep.’ San Francisco Chronicle


  • Three Rivers Press (Crown Publishing Group) UK & USA

Material: finished copies (312pp)