Kolton Lee

Kolton Lee is a British film director, crime novelist, and former journalist and Editor of The Voice. He joined the News on Sunday, the radical, left-wing Sunday tabloid, as News Editor, the first black British to be made the News Editor of a national newspaper. He’s a graduate of the National Film and Television School and has worked as a writer and/or director on a number of television programs. He moved to New York in 1998 where he made his first independent short drama, American Mod. While living in New York, Lee wrote and performed his first play, An Evening with Michael Jordan, at the National Black Theatre of Harlem. Back in London in 2002 he founded the film and television production company Prophet Pictures. Through Prophet Pictures, Lee wrote, directed and produced his first feature film Cherps, winner of a Screen Nation Independent Spirit Film Award. His short film Blood was bought by MTV North America. Kolton’s second feature film was the highly acclaimed Freestyle. He was Programme Director for Media Works at Ravensbourne, University of London. He currently has several TV projects in development, is finishing his PhD and is adapting Alex Wheatle’s novel Brixton Rock for the National Theatre.