The Day I Killed My Father

(O dia em que matei meu pai)

Mario Sabino
The Day I Killed my Father

‘The day I killed my father was a bright day, although the light was hazy, without shadows or contours.’

So begins a work of suspense, tragedy, and profound reflections on the human soul that marks the unforgettable debut of Mario Sabino, one of Brazil’s most exciting novelists.

In charming and chilling prose, Sabino draws the reader directly into the mind of a man who has committed patricide. Readers will hang on every word of this bold and stark book, which calls on complex themes of religion, philosophy, and literature in seeking to understand the nature of evil.

Part psychological thriller, part intellectual puzzle, this novel plays on some of humankind’s most profound archetypes, all the while seducing the reader with the brilliance of its voice.

‘Mario Sabino handles his subject with humour and imagination.’ Epoca

‘Mario Sabino’s book is a joy to read. There is nothing ‘difficult’ here – rather there is much food for thought.’ Veja

‘You read it in one go because of the well crafted pregnant dialogue, the pace, the sharp insights, the refined build-up, and the black humour which is constantly aware of human weakness, and which at the end of the book becomes in a surprising way an almost-tenderness’ Trouw

‘I couldn’t put the book down. Chilling and sad, even on the same page, this book is one of the best I have read for a long time.’ Readings Australia

‘Well written, conveying the sense of something splendid and ceremonial, and also a slow-motion dreadfulness. It is absorbing and at times quite funny, and it left me feeling decidedly spooked’. The Australian


  • Record Brazil (original publisher)
  • Saida de Emergencia Portugal
  • Frassinelli Italy
  • Nuevo Extremo Argentina
  • Editions Metailie France
  • Ambo Anthos NL
  • Scribe UK & ANZ
  • Munhak Soochop Korea
  • Humanitas Romania
  • Jota Czech Republic
  • Africano Kitap Turkey

Material: Brazilian edition (224pp), Italian, Spanish and Australian editions.