Adam and Eves Everywhere

(Overal Adam en Eva)

Mineke Schipper

Adam and Eve are the first ancestors in the shared creation stories of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Spreading out from the Middle East the three religions took their own versions around the world, via rabbis, priests, imams, colonialists, missionaries, migrants and modern media. Popular stories about Adam and Eve, which don’t appear in the Bible, lived on through oral story-telling. Where was Paradise located? Did Adam have a beard? Was he circumcised? Did Adam and Eve have a navel? Did they have sex in the Garden of Eden? How did Satan get into Paradise? The how and why of creation, Paradise, the snake and the Fall has inspired story-tellers and artists from every corner of the earth. Mineke Schipper has written an intriguing book

about the stories and images of the three religions, often unknown, for contemporary believers and non-believers, for all curious descendants of Adam and Eve.


  • Prometheus NL
  • Ayrinti Turkey
  • CFLPT Cairo World Arabic

Material: finished copies of Dutch edition (285pp); full English text