In the Beginning there was no one

(In het begin was er niemand)

Mineke Schipper

Where did the first people come from? Were they thrown out of heaven – or did they crawl up out of the earth? Did God make them because he was lonely? Were we made out of nothing? Or from gods’ sweat, seed or tears, or possibly from silver, gold, stone or clay? There was no one around to take notes but stories tell us what really happened. Those stories also explain why there are men and women. All cultures answer universal questions about the beginnings of mankind – in orthodox, unorthodox often hilarious genesis stories. For the first time these answers are collected together in a unique book, profound fears can be read between the lines. And the echoes of old myths resonate in today’s human interactions.

‘Immediately obvious is Schipper’s wanderlust, passion for collecting, enthusiasm, hard work and meticulousness. The way she analyses, interprets, puts together and links her rich collection of stories from across the world, makes you feel you are wandering through a wonderful museum.’ NRC Handelsblad


  • Prometheus NL
  • Sansuya Korea
  • Aletheia Poland
  • Libri Hungary
  • Hara Shobo Japan
  • Sefsafa Arabic

Material: Dutch edition (320pp); full English text