Possibly a Love Story

Olivia Fane
Possibly a Love Story

Olivia Fane’s entertaining and insightful new novel tells the story of Laura Glass, her husband Hugo – and the lovers who come to stay.

Laura Glass’s life seems perfect. She’s beautiful, wealthy, her husband loves her and their teenage kids Leo and Jemima are at good schools. Then one day Laura’s happiness is shattered when she sees her husband kissing a young woman in a doorway. Some of Laura’s friends tell her to divorce him, others say ignore it. Instead Laura goes off on an adventure of her own with the beautiful young Jed. On their return, seeing that her husband is still continuing his affair, she invites his lover into their home. And Jed too for good measure. For a while the presence of these two young people seems to improve everything. Even Leo and Jemima fall in love with them. Laura and Hugo are hardly bohemians, but Laura tries her best to become one. But can either of them truly throw off their conventional lifestyle and embrace freedom? Or will secrets between the generations cause in impassable rift?

Quite the opposite of a morality tale, POSSIBLY A LOVE STORY is a viciously funny satire on the middle classes and middle-class values, but with a huge heart.

‘Although this looks like chick lit and follows its conventions of structure and narrative, it is in fact a surprising, beautifully written satire on conventional middle-class notions of marriage and romance. Popular and pretty, Laura Glass is a devoted wife and mother with a beautiful home, pots of money and tons of friends. She appears to have the perfect life until, while out shopping, she spots her husband kissing a much younger woman. Some friends advise Laura to divorce her errant man, others tell her to stay. Without giving too much away, it is safe to say she does neither — and the surreal events that ensue are at once hilarious, heartbreaking and thought-provoking. I was gripped from the start, alternately giggling and cringing as Laura’s mad plan goes wildly off-piste.’ Daily Mail

‘Love, marriage, sex, power, friendship, jealousy: this book challenged my thinking about all these issues. With the characters’ range of emotions and their errratic behaviour, at times it is very funny and ironic; at other points worrying and sad. My concern for the main protagonists continued after I had finished reading.’ Kay Dunbar, Director Ways with Words Festival

‘This is a deceptively light and deliciously subversive exploration of love, sex, marriage and friendship. Olivia Fane has the gift of delivering her acute observations of human frailty and treatment of important themes with a sparkling wit and stylish finish. I loved every moment of it.’ Maggie Hamand, author of The Resurrection of the Body and best-selling Creative Writing For Dummies

‘Possibly a Love Story is definitely diverting. The protagonist’s progression from bourgeois to Bohemian is delineated with terrific brio as well as Fane’s trademark philosophical flair. Slightly disorienting, but hugely entertaining, I read it in two swift sittings.’ Isabel Wolff, author of Ghostwritten.


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