Why Sex Doesn’t Matter

Olivia Fane

Why Sex Doesn't Matter

‘Extremely articulate, argumentative and allusive, she’s also unexpectedly confessional about her distaste. The case against, firmly stated.’ EVENING STANDARD, Heart of the matter: the best books on love and sex

Chapters include: Is Sex Natural? Is Sex Dirty? Is Sex Loving? Is Sex about Beauty? Is Sex Political? Casting a critical and fearless eye on the sexual act in all its forms, and sexual identity in all its forms, Olivia never shies away from controversy and speaking her mind. This is a highly intelligent and necessary book in these self-orientated, sex-obsessed and gender fluid times.

‘Olivia Fane offers a welcome subversiveness on this subject, telling us that sex isolated from things that genuinely matter – kindness, trust, intelligent personal connection, humour and perspective – is insignificant. To use the irresistible image, she is diagnosing in our culture a bad case of the Emperor’s new clothes where writing about sex is concerned.’ Dr Rowan Williams, theologian and poet, former Archbishop of Canterbury

‘Direct. Intense. Honest. A book with a big idea that packs a punch’ Hilary Lawson, director of How the Light Gets In festival

‘If ever you worried that sex has become too important in modern life, Olivia Fane’s glittering argument will amuse, provoke and get you talking.’ Professor Simon Goldhill, University of Cambridge


  • Mensch Publishing UK
  • Vulkan Serbia

Material: PDF (280pp)