The Lost Army of Cambyses

Paul Sussman

April 2005 Winner of The Golden Earphone Award, The Audio Industry’s Oscars
(narrated by Gordon Griffin)

A contemporary thriller set against an epic backdrop, a refreshingly different, powerful, and action-packed first novel by a hugely talented author.
The Lost Army of Cambyses introduces readers to the beguiling Egyptian detective, Inspector Yusuf Khalifa. His preliminary enquiries into a modern-day murder soon show him a mystery involving hidden treasure, greed, fanaticism, violence, love, secrets, betrayal, and further death.
And, as the mystery deepens, Khalifa finds himself faced with the question of how, in 523 BC, the Emperor Cambyses’ army of 50,000 men could simply disappear in a sandstorm forever.

‘A great adventure, one of the most intriguing mysteries of the past, a great novel masterfully written.’ Valerio Massimo Manfredi

‘A plot as complex as a hall of mirrors, and almost as gripping as a death threat.’ Kirkus Review

‘Rip-roaring adventure mystery.’ Booklist

‘A spine chilling, fast-paced thriller…in a style reminiscent of Patricia’s Cornwell’s early novel, it shocks as well as enthralls.’ Business Post

‘At last, a thriller that gets away from the hackneyed old ‘curse of Tut’ stuff; and since Sussman has actually excavated in Egypt himself, we can trust his background details…the fast-paced plot is one among many good things in this very assured first novel.’ Scotland on Sunday

‘A tough, sometimes brutal, but always engrossing thriller. Sussman knows his Egypt, past and present, and he has the gift of creating engaging heroes of both sexes and really, REALLY vile villians.’ Dr. Barbara Mertz, Archeologist

‘Set against the backdrop of modern-day Egypt, The Lost Army of Cambyses is a gripping first novel from young British writer Paul Sussman.

It’s a spine-chilling, fast-paced thriller packed with vivid descriptions of Egypt from the glistening sands of the western desert to the stinking back streets of Cairo.
It has all the ingredients of a James Bond adventure: exotic locations, priceless antiquities, evil fanatics bent on global domination, brutal murders, corrupt policemen, human heroism, and it keeps you guessing right up to the final chapter.

It’s rare to find a book which sets your heartbeat racing as you timidly but compulsively turn the page, terrified at what might jump out in the next paragraph. But in a style reminiscent of Patricia Cornwell’s early books, The Lost Army of Cambyses shocks as well as enthralls.

Sussman’s talent for characterisation emerges as a major strength. Male novelists are often accused of writing unconvincing female characters, but this novel has created a strong protagonist in Tara Mullray. Minor characters are also well charted, complete with personal and often repulsive idiosyncrasies. Sussman works in deeper themes such as the appeal of fundamentalism for impoverished young Muslims and the domination of the Egyptian archaeology by western interests. It’s a subtext which betrays the author’s own feelings but he doesn’t allow it to stand in the way of a good yarn. A compelling read.’ Sunday Business Post, Ireland


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