The English Ghost

Peter Ackroyd
English Ghost

The English see more ghosts than any other nation. From medieval times to today stories have been told and apparitions seen: ghosts who avenge injustice, souls who long for peace, spooks who just want to have fun. Packed with eerie detail, ranging from the moaning child that terrified Wordsworth’s nephew at Cambridge, to the violent daemon of Devon who tried to strangle a man with his cravat.

‘…the idea of an Ackroyd-curated collection of true
ghost stories is appealing…the book records a folk art form, now itself deceased.’ Suzi Feay, Independent on Sunday

‘Ackroyd’s book has its fair share of terrified hauntees…will make the hairs on the back of your neck bristle.’ Simon Griffith, Mail on Sunday

‘Ackroyd’s collection glides seamlessly from terror to humour to downright peculiarity…ideal read as the nights darken and Halloween approaches.’ Tina Jackson, Metro

‘A fascinating anthology of sightings of ghosts in England over the centuries.’ Andrew Lycett, Literary Review


  • Chatto & Windus UK
  • Olga Morozova Russia
  • CAN Turkey

Material: finished copies (276pp)