The Lambs of London

Peter Ackroyd
Lambs of London

A gripping story of art imitating art, THE LAMBS OF LONDON brilliantly recreates an urban world of scholars and entrepreneurs, actors and theatre managers, a world of betrayal and deceit.

‘The Lambs of London is a delicious entertainment, faithful to it’s period, but done with the lightest of touches. Nobody knows this world better than Peter Ackroyd, and his latest foray into bygone London finds him at the top of his form.’ David Robson, Sunday Telegraph

‘The theme and setting of this novel allow Ackroyd’s rare talent full scope. It is literary, clever, subtle and touching, also often funny and always highly intelligent.’ Allan Massie, Scotsman

‘Touching and ingenious’ Paddy Bullard, Times Literary Supplement

‘Peter Ackroyd is one of the pioneers of the modern historical novel.’ Lindsay Duguid, Sunday Times

‘A marvellously adroit tale.’ Penelope Lively, Independent

‘This new novel is light and funny, familiar and convincingly offbeat … fast, …. colourful and touching too.’ Eileen Battersby, Irish Times

‘As always Ackroyd brings the bustle, stench and hazards of 19th century London vividly to life and keeps readers on their toes until the final page.’ Val Hennessy, The Daily Mail

‘This is a quick, beautiful novel, strongly recommended.’ Andrew Martin, Daily Express

‘It is a delightful read, which resonates long after is has been laid aside.’ Sarah Burton, Spectator

‘His book is a loving tribute and a dazzling entertainment.’ Kate Chisholm, London Evening Standard

‘Ingenious and mesmerizing. . . . A dazzling novel about false truths and real-seeming lies.’ The San Francisco Chronicle

‘Gothic and wry, with a sweet-and-sour mix of tragedy and comedy worthy of a Romantic-period Shakespeare forgery, The Lambs of London builds to . . . a moving crescendo.’ Newsday


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  • Nan A Talese USA
  • Editions Philippe Rey France
  • Knaus Germany
  • Neri Pozza Italy
  • Edhasa World Spanish
  • Teorema Portugal
  • CAN Turkey
  • Meulenhoff NL (rights reverted)
  • Corpus Russia (rights reverted)

Material: finished copies (216pp)