The Plato Papers

Peter Ackroyd
The Plato Papers

‘A marvellous fable for our times… funny, wise and strange… He writes like an archangel… Ackroyd has written what we always knew that he alone of his generation could produce: a timeless literary masterpiece’ A.N.Wilson, Daily Mail

‘An invigorating mixture of satire, history, philosophy, morality and linguistic investigation… it reads like a spoof of a New Age intellectualism.. a brave cry in the wilderness.’ The Times

‘Articulate, comic, wise, delicate, melancholy, exquisite… a carefully-pulsed breath of a book with an impact that sneaks into one’s dreams.’ Independent

‘Prepare for lift-off. Peter Ackroyd is about to take you on the ride of your life.’ Metro

‘Full of esoteric flourishes and delicious strokes of fancy.’ David Profumo, Literary Review

‘Peter Ackroyd is a visionary, as The Plato Papers makes clear. This is one of the oddest but most important and original novels to appear in many years. This masterpiece of contemporary writing will thrill and entertain readers for years to come, but it will do more than that: it will enlarge their vision, stimulating organs long forgotten and never known.’ Jay Parini, author of The Last Station and Robert Frost: A Life


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