Dear Traveller

(Beste reiziger)

Philibert Schogt

Dear Traveller

Schogt’s superb new novel is narrated by the writer of a la carte travel guides. He’s currently collecting data for one on Ireland. Usually he skips several ‘attractions’ and cobbles together his text from other guides and the internet. He lazily drifts through life, never fully engaging with anyone or anything. Until that night in Swansea with Linda, his colleague who is off to cover Wales. She crept into his bed and now Max is in love, suddenly he feels where before he just let things flow by him.

He is forced to re-assess his existence. The beauty of the Irish countryside touches him profoundly and he loses his way. When his ex-best friend dies a hero and his boss finds out about Max’s work methods, Max’s carefully constructed nonchalance finally cracks. Often hilarious and utterly gripping, this novel perfectly captures man’s disillusionment and apathy and life’s ability to shatter them.


  • Arbeiderspers NL

Material: Dutch edition (180pp)