The Wild Numbers

Philibert Schogt

The Wild Numbers

A stunning first novel about the essence of inspiration. Swift, a 35 year old maths professor, has, after years of fruitless labour, managed to solve the most challenging mathematical riddle of all times – the Wild Number Problem. Then he is accused of plagiarism.

‘In a denouement that reveals more about the nature of human desires than about wild numbers, Schogt deftly reveals how intellectual ambition actually feeds – and is fed by – love… Impressive.’ ALA Booklist

‘As an exploration of pure maths as a refuge from emotional turmoil, this can hardly be bettered.’ Daily Express

‘I have never read a better fictional description of what it’s like to work in pure math. The masters and would-be masters of the domain; the backbiting, and finally the bliss of finding a solution – or what you think is a solution…. It’s all here.’ Amir D. Aczel

‘THE WILD NUMBERS is a delight. It provides excellent and entertaining insights into the lives and the ill-understood drives of working mathematicians. I strongly recommend it.’ Sir Roger Penrose, author of The Emperor’s New Mind and Shadows of the Mind


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