The Hidden Forest

Radhika Jha

A Shinto priest dies and his successful architect son has to come home from years living in the US to take care of things. He walks straight into a hotbed of intrigue where spies masquerade as priests, friends are not what they seem and many lust after the prime real estate the shrine occupies.

He discovers aspects of his father he never knew and learns more about himself than he ever expected.

This is a novel about identity and what it means to belong. About what it means to go home as an adult, after having gone away and made a life elsewhere.

‘Perhaps no Indian since Ruskin Bond has used the English language so beautifully.’ The Statesman

‘Her writing is generous, unbridled, sensual.’ Le Figaro


  • Context/Westland India (English original, Indian subcontinent only)
  • Sellerio Italy

Material: edited manuscript, PDF of Italian edition (250pp)