Cover to Cover

Robert Craig

‘Funny, intelligent and gripping – an impressive and enjoyable debut.’ David Nobbs, author of The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

Cover to Cover

‘A smart, funny novel… With its twisting plot and sharp observations, this is a wonderful debut from a talented new writer.’ Sainsbury’s Magazine

‘Tanya Stephens is, to put it simply, a bitch. A graphic designer at a greetings card company, she spends most of her time reliving a past relationship, alienating everyone she knows and reading books. Stumbling into a second-hand bookshop she comes across The Counterfeit Confetti – a novel that literally describes her life. Craig’s debut novel is an intriguing read. It is a book about books and their effect on people. Reading becomes not just a form of escapism, but a place where an individual can have complete control over their life.There is something engaging about Tanya’s realness. She is the antithesis of Bridget Jones – irrational, moody and happy to be alone. Craig’s prose is as direct as Tanya’s attitude and makes Cover to Cover a well structured exploration of emotional relationships.’ The Times


  • Weidenfeld & Nicholson UK
  • Bastei Lubbe Germany
  • Host and Son Denmark
  • Kedros Greece
  • Magyar Konyvklub Hungary
  • Books@Books Korea

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