Fragile Science: The Reality Behind the Headlines

Robin Baker
Fragile Science

Every day the headlines bring news of the latest health scare and worrying predictions of where developments in science will take us. We want and need to understand the phenomena that influence our lives, but how good is the science behind the media hype?

Fragile Science deals with some of today’s hottest issues including skin cancer, GM foods, BSE, clinical depression, obesity, global warming and genetics in a series of detailed, clear and reasoned analyses. It argues that the science we as consumers believe to be true is often misleading – a convenient simplification of complex subjects that are not yet understood.

The investigations reach their own startling conclusions and raise some uncomfortable questions. Is cholesterol an innocent party in the hunt for the causes of heart disease? Is there a benefit to suffering from clinical depression? Is it possible that we should be as worried about global cooling as global warming – or are they both no more than computer-generated fiction?

Even in areas of science where we think we know the answers, the book explores the scientific arguments for alternative views. We all know the arguments in favour of conservation, but could there be strong biological arguments against it? We’ve heard the message to wear sunscreen, but is it actually increasing our risk of skin cancer?

Fragile Science will open your eyes to the complexity of science and keep you questioning how much you really know about the science that affects your health and that of the planet.