The Hitchhiker’s Child

Robin Baker

A story of murder and mystery, love and sacrifice: a man gives a lift to an unusual hitchhiker, a woman who has been thrown bound and naked from a car. As he hears her bizarre but intriguing story, it seems that there is nobody who could be the father of her child, least of all her rich, powerful and vindictive husband. Mark de Vries teaches Zoology at an English University; the rest of his time he spends with his research team in the remote Kalahari Desert. Against his will, Mark is drawn into the mystery of the hitchhiker’s child. A sequence of murders, rapes, intimidation and blackmail means that both his livelihood and survival depend on finding the answer. When the mystery is solved it becomes clear that what happened to the hitchhiker could happen to anybody. As in Primal and Caballito, the innovative sexual science behind The Hitchhiker’s Child is real.


  • Hard Nut Books UK & US

Material: finished copy (239pp)