A London Safari: Walking Adventures in NW10

(With an introduction by Louis Theroux)

Rose Rouse
A London Safari

Rose Rouse saw a post on the White Pride World Wide forum: “So I think if any of you need to convince brainwashed whites about the very real dangers of multicultural society up close and personal, then take them to Harlesden.” Disgusted by the sentiment, and after a long journalism career, Rose Rouse decided to start out on a new project: to explore her local area in the North West London borough of Brent. Harlesden is raw and very, very lively. It is also multi-layered. Built on material initially collected for her blog, this book documents Rouse’s explorations in the form of a series of walks undertaken at different times of the day and night. Rouse walks with all sorts of people from documentary maker Louis Theroux, to actor and writer Alexei Sayle, to poet, mother, artist and ex gas meter reader Sue Saunders, and legendary punk filmmaker Don Letts, to local characters who run newsagents (which also sell boxing gloves), a barber who is also a world renown artist, women who come to shop for hair-extensions, and the inimitable Vince Powers who opened the now legendary Mean Fiddler in Harlesden…

This walking adventure explores one of Britain’s most diverse neighbourhoods and shows a microcosm of British urban life. Well known blogger Bidisha said of Rose’s blog: ‘Beautifully written, inspiring, intelligent, observant contemporary urban reportage written with great humanity, which really deserves to be published as a complete book as it gives such an insight into modern London.’ Louis Theroux says in his introduction: ‘Harlesden represents something bigger than itself. It is a petri dish of what is happening – in less concentrated ways – across Britain.’


  • Amberley Books UK and US

Material:Finished copies (223pp)