Salha’s Camel

Saud Alsanousi
Salha's Camel

Longlisted for the Zayer Book Award

A young Bedouin girl struggles through the desert with her camel and her baby. Her husband lies dying in Kuwait. The man she loves is also in Kuwait. She never arrives there. A mystery, a love story, a search for home.

‘In Salha’s Camel we can feel the sand on our fingertips, we sit with the girl next to her camel and experience the camel’s hard labour, with amazement and curiosity, and we see the Kuwaiti desert as if for the first time.’ Idaát

‘The novel Salha’s Camel is a poem and song played on the rubab (lute), a bygone love story that echoes with our world and is rich in details.’ Shorouk News


  • ASP/Difaf Arabic

Material: finished copies of the Arabic edition (173pp), English sample and synopsis; partial Spanish translation