Simone van der Vlugt


A power struggle and impossible love in a page-turning family epic, in which the Dutch Middle Ages are mesmerisingly brought to life.

When Alkmaar is attacked for the umpteenth time, Katelijne tries to protect her brewery at all costs from the brutal violence of the West Frisians. She hopes that her secret love, King William II, can help her hometown by granting Alkmaar city rights. However, she faces an entirely different problem when she turns out to be expecting his child…

King William is embroiled in a power struggle with West Friesland and he does everything in his power to subjugate that rebellious people. Meanwhile, he becomes the father of two sons: the legitimate Floris and the bastard Alard.

After William’s death, Floris is forced to finish his father’s work, and Alard yearns for recognition from the royal family. When fate brings the two young men together, they join forces to fight their enemies and save the family honour.

With Bloodline, Simone van der Vlugt has written a beautiful story about power, love and family ties. Like no other, she knows how to evocatively describe the lives of those occupying the highest circles and those of the common people.


  • AmboAnthos NL

Material: Finished copies of the Dutch edition (456pp)