Don’t Ask Why

(Vraag Niet Waarom)

Simone van der Vlugt

Don't Ask Why

In the parking area of a shopping centre in Alkmaar, a woman is stabbed. Not long after a schoolgirl dies of her wounds in the alley behind her house. A third stabbing follows quickly. Little links the suspects. Lois and Fred are once again faced with a mystery. In the meantime Lois’s sister Tessa is going through a difficult time and also seems to have a stalker. For both sisters the past seems to be getting far closer than they would like. The story lines of the stabbings in Alkmaar and Lois’s problematic youth are woven together effortlessly. This is another powerful psychological thriller.


  • Ambo Anthos NL (original publisher)
  • Diana/Heyne Germany

Material: finished copies of Dutch edition (284pp)