Simone van der Vlugt

A seductive and timeless love story, based on an old Italian legend. Florence in 1347. The 18 year old Ginevra falls hopelessly in love with intelligent Antonio, but when he asks her father for her hand, the father refuses – rumours abound about Antonio’s enlightened ideas. Ginevra sees only one solution: to secretly elope with her love. They leave that very day, but their escape is scuppered. Back in Florence Ginevra’s father forces her to marry a wealthy widower. She becomes a prisoner in her own home. When the plague breaks out no one’s life is safe. Can true love really conquer all?

‘An exciting intriguing love story that takes place in late Medieval Florence, against a background of the plague epidemic. Ideal for the holiday suitcase.’ De Telegraaf

‘Simone has managed to bring the legend of Ginevra completely to life. The characters; the stubborn Ginevra who knows what she want and the intelligent Antonio who questions the blind following of the Bible, but also Florence of the 14th Century. I was there, I lived it. Alongside Ginevra I left everything behind for love and briefly tasted the free life, only to then be captured and put in a cage… Wow Simone, how beautifully and cleverly you have done it again! Another piece of history that has been given a face! Stunning!’

‘As moving as Romeo and Juliet’


  • AmboAnthos NL (original publisher)

Material: finished copy of the Dutch edition (171pp)