Safe as Houses

(Blauw Water)

Simone van der Vlugt

Winner of:
Gouden Boek 2015
Zilveren Vingerafdruk 2009

Nominated for:
The NS Publieksprijs 2008
The Gouden Strop 2008

Safe as Houses

‘Someone who can describe the universal fears of women this brilliantly, deserves her place at the top. She did it before and she does it again. All honour to her.’ Crimezone

‘A fast-paced example of suburban noir… a lean, stripped-down thriller that hits the ground running and sprints full-tilt to its breathless climax.’ Irish Times

‘Van der Vlugt knows how to tell more by writing less. The tension stays tight and reading to the end is a must. And there are several unexpected plot twists, all in all nothing but praise.’ Ezzulia

‘Just imagine it: you are standing as a single mother in your garden of your isolated house, hanging the washing out and suddenly an escaped convict appears who holds you and your daughter hostage. How will this end? Escape isn’t an option, there are no neighbours, you can’t even rely on attention from the postman. Lisa does everything, even the unimaginable, to save her life and especially her child’s life. In the meantime she asks herself why the woman, who appeared out of the mist in her garden and saw her desperation, hasn’t organised a rescue. In vivid and well written pages, pages that simmer with angst, tension and lust for revenge, the talented bestselling author Simone van der Vlugt conjures up a hair-raising portrait of our time.’ Jury report of De Gouden Strop Prize

‘Blue Water reads like a nightmare from which it is difficult to wake. Simone van der Vlugt builds up the tension brilliantly in this very topical story.’ Veronica Magazine, ****


  • Ambo Anthos NL (original publisher)
  • Diana Verlag/Heyne Germany
  • Canongate World English
  • Punktum Denmark
  • AV Forlaget Den Grimme Ælling Danish Audio
  • Feeria/JK Publishing Poland
  • Bjartur Iceland

Material: finished copies of Dutch (220pp), English and German editions