Tell No One

(Aan Niemand Vertellen)

Simone van der Vlugt

Shortlisted for NS Publieks Prize 2013

Tell No One

‘Surprising new thriller’ De Telegraaf

‘Written with great pace and fascinating’ Margriet

‘After the climax the book screams for more, more, more!’ Limburgs Dagblad

‘Gripping, moving and compelling. Lois Elzinga has made her mark. And what a mark!’

The first in Simone’s series starring the 31-year-old detective Lois Elzinga from Alkmaar, department North-Holland North. Together with her partner Fred, who is soon to retire, she has to investigate the violent murder of a school teacher. The manner in which he has been killed points to a woman’s act of revenge – his penis has been cut off and put in his mouth. In his pocket there is the brochure for an exposition which leads the police to the painter Maaike Scholten. She says she doesn’t know David but she’s lying. Another trail leads Lois to the photographer Tamara who appears to have vanished into thin air. When two more murders follow, Lois delves deep into the psyche of the murderer. Part of a series starring Lois, an extremely well-drawn, intriguing character

Lois Elzinga is a troubled woman, marked by the death of her younger sister at five years old, a mother who had a break down and ended up in psychiatric care, a father who left them and her American boyfriend who has moved back to his homeland. Lois struggles with her past, with her failed relationship and with the horrific situations her job exposes her to. Simone van der Vlugt introduces her background expertly and seamlessly slips into the story of her often painful private life. Lois’s first case is a story that packs a big emotional punch.


  • Ambo Anthos NL (original publisher)
  • Diana/Heyne Germany

Material: finished copies of Dutch (293pp) and German editions