The Last Sacrifice

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Simone van der Vlugt
The Last Sacrifice

In The Last Sacrifice, a missing archaeologist, an important archaeological discovery in Egypt and a secret that will amaze the world turn Birgit’s quiet safe life upside down. She experiences two passionate nights with Jef, whom she has only just met, after which he disappears without a trace. On her search for Jef, Birgit gets embroiled in a series of events which mean that neither she nor Jef can be sure they will survive. The search leads among other things to the Ark of the Covenant, which for centuries has spoken as powerfully to the imagination as the Holy Grail. What exactly is that Ark? What was it’s function? Where did it go?

‘Not just exciting but also informative.’ 4 stars in Opzij
‘Intriguing historical thriller’ Boek magazine
‘Dan Brown meets Raiders of the Lost Ark.’ Spits


  • Ambo Anthos NL (original publisher)
  • Diana/Heyne Germany

Material: finished copies of Dutch editions