The Reunion

(De Reünie)

Simone van der Vlugt

Shortlisted For The Ns Publieksprijs 2005
Best Debut Thriller, Crimezone 2004

The Reunion

When Isabel disappeared, Sabine was fifteen, isolated at school and tormented by her former friend. She remembers nothing from that hot May day. Nine years later, unbidden memories are returning to Sabine. What if she saw something the day of Isabel’s disappearance? What if she could put a name to the shadowy figure in her dreams? And what if her knowledge was dangerous? A hugely exciting literary thriller, presenting intriguing themes, such as the suppression of traumatic events, the competition between teenagers, and also between colleagues, love, and above all, about friendship.

‘Hard to put down. Thrilling.’ Cosmopolitan

‘In just two pages the beautiful prologue immediately produces a feeling of tension. Tension that keeps you entangled throughout the story and ensures that you read The Reunion in one sitting.’

‘A thriller that, without physical violence or big armoury, still generates suspense which is maintained right until the end.’ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

‘This lightly and sweetly narrated psycho-thriller develops an extraordinary maelstrom.’ Spiegel

‘Highly recommended to all fans of crime fiction who have strong nerves.’ Glamour

‘A gripping psychological thriller which breathes new life into that old cliche “unputdownable”‘ Waterstone’s Books Quarterly


  • Ambo Anthos NL (original publisher)
  • Diana Verlag Germany
  • Text Australia
  • Presses de la Cite France
  • Kowalski/Feltrinelli Italy
  • Seix Barral/Planeta World Spanish
  • Harper Press UK
  • Muza Poland
  • Record Brazil
  • New World Press China (Simplified)
  • Athena Press Taiwan (Complex)

Material: finished copies of Dutch (336pp), English, Italian, German editions