When Darkness Falls

(Toen Het Donker Werd)

Simone van der Vlugt
When Darkness Falls

When Menno Riebeek discovers that his son has gambling debts, he decides to settle them for him. But the creditors aren’t planning on letting him off so easily. In his desperation Menno employs someone, a contact found via his lawyer, to resolve his problems, without realising the consequences. Sascha feels her son and husband becoming more distant and wants answers, but her search for the truth comes to an abrupt end when a car accident blinds her. Menno suspects it was no accident. Each member of the family tries to find a way out, only to find themselves deeper in the web of lies and deceit. Till Menno decides that enough is enough. When darkness fell shows the dark side of our society, but also how easy it as an ordinary family to fall into the criminal underworld. Simone van der Vlugt has surpassed herself with this latest thriller, it’s her best one to date.

‘Everything works: the well thought out story line, the plot twists, the stunning ending. Incredibly exciting till the very last sentence. Cast-iron thriller!’ Vrouw
‘The story twists, known roads become winding paths, the reader is suddenly completely wrong footed and has the wool pulled over her/his eyes. Brilliantly done!’ Leeskost NL
‘A great plot with a surprising twist at the end … a thoroughly gripping and thrilling book.’ Vrij Nederland Detective & Thriller Guide 2017


  • Ambo Anthos NL (original publisher)
  • Diana Verlag/Heyne Germany

Material: Finished copies of Dutch edition