Tessa De Loo

Based on the short novel Isabelle by Tessa de Loo, the film Isabelle, starring Halina Reijn, premiered in the Netherlands on 22nd September 2011. Produced and directed by the makers of the Oscar-nominated film The Twin Sisters, based on Tessa’s novel The Twins, the motion picture Isabelle previewed at the Dutch Film Festival.

In a mountainous region of France, the glamorous film actress Isabelle Amable suddenly disappears without trace. Search parties find nothing and the case is soon abandoned. Only the village teacher Bernard Buffon won’t rest. Isabelle has been kidnapped by local barmaid and painter Jeanne Bitor. Driven by a fierce jealousy of Isabelle’s stunning beauty and success, Jeanne decides to starve Isabelle and capture her demise in paint. A tense psychological struggle between life and death ensues between the two women. But when a rapprochement takes place, are appearances all they seem?

Isabelle Film

‘This thriller is exciting from beginning to end. Tessa de Loo writes fluently and economically, managing to hook the reader completely.’ Journal für Literatur

‘What’s intriguing about De Loo’s novel is that after reading it you just cannot see those we call beautiful or ugly in the same way again’ Algemeen Dagblad


  • De Arbeiderspers NL

Film by IDTV

Material: Dutch edition, German translation (144pp)