(Hul Igennem)

Tor Nørretranders

The world needs us to learn to think differently so that we can act differently. The climate crisis and loss of biodiversity show that common sense is not enough.

Wisdom is an ancient tradition of thinking things into a larger context and seeing them from several sides. This tradition has in recent decades been renewed and refined through scientific studies of the ephemeral phenomenon of wisdom.

AWESTRUCK brings together old and new concepts of wisdom. It is about seeing the other person or nature in concrete terms, not as an abstract concept. It is about embracing being overwhelmed by the world.

A journey from child psychology to brain research and spirituality to resonance, psychedelic experiences and the importance of selfie culture for the ego. About wisdom as a worldly phenomenon that is not about higher powers, but about people getting through to the planet. And each other.

‘Tor Nørretranders is one of the smartest men in Denmark. He is knowledgeable, well-read and unabashedly committed to his contemporaries. It is a pleasure to share the country with this man. He has a flying pen, and his language has a hammering sound with well-formulated catchphrases and sentences that approach poetry. Now he has written another book, about awe, wisdom and growing old. Awe comes to us from without as an encounter with something greater than ourselves that can give us goosebumps when we experience it, while wisdom comes from within. Inspired by the American psychoanalyst and philosopher Erik H. Erikson and his theories about the challenges we face in life, which connect old age and wisdom, Nørretranders believes the elderly will play a decisive role in future society. They constitute a very large population group with plenty of time, plenty of experience, plenty of ability to see through empty talk and empty promises. It will be natural for them to ally themselves with the young in the fight to save the world. The rebellion of old age is, in short, the rebellion of the future.’ POV International


  • People’s Press Denmark

Material: PDF, finished copies Danish edition (328pp), English sample translation and synopsis