Look Ahead

(Se frem)

Tor Norretranders
Look Ahead

Don’t be afraid. It may look like everything is going to hell these days – the truth, society, peace of mind – but actually a new enlightenment is on its way. We need to find the courage to think for ourselves and to think of others. We must look ahead. We actually do that all the time already. The human brain is a predictor. It creates detailed future expectations and learns from past mistakes. We can transform our world because we can imagine a different one. This book weaves a number of new scientific discoveries together to show a new, surprising image of human beings as forward-looking creatures. All we need now is to take ourselves seriously, look ahead and deal with the planet’s crises so that life can continue.

Se frem looks at the present with an enlightenment gaze: that each of us should act in the way we would want everyone to act.

‘Denmark’s foremost and most insightful science writer. On top of that a deep and in many ways very original thinker. Extremely complex ideas and research findings are communicated elegantly, put in new contexts and presented with classical nørretrandersian wit.’ Berlingske Tidende – Lars Henrik Aagaard (science writer)

‘a brilliantly executed whopper of a book … the authors’ enthusiasm and energy is infectious’. Kristeligt Dagblade

‘Norretrander’s vision of a new Age of Enlightenment is sympathetic and contagious.’ Information

‘Norretranders shows us that our understanding of the world is relative, but also that we can navigate it despite our lack of understanding and shape the world so that the future will be better than if we leave it to itself. He believes that we can predict, because we can think, that we can plan because we can think; that we can learn from our mistakes because we can think; that humans are quite simply ‘forward looking creatures’… and because pessimists like myself exist, ‘Look Ahead’ is a very good book.’ Politiken


  • People’s Press Denmark

Material: PDF, finished copies Danish edition (417pp), English sample translation and synopsis