Discovering The Novel and Sound and Silence

Yan Lianke

Discovering the Novel

In DISCOVERING THE NOVEL Yan Lianke goes back in time, summoning the great voices of realism, from Stendhal and Kafka to Joyce and Marquez, to trace the evolution of fiction in its power to account for reality. He leads us to what he calls “mythorealism”, the only literary form he feels that allows us to explore the counter currents and dark whirlpools under the clear river of the rational. A literary manifesto that is also an act of faith in humanity’s ability to survive the madness of the world. “Anger and passion are the soul of my work. “

In SOUND AND SILENCE, Yan Lianke looks at hard and soft censorship and how censorship can become internalised.


  • Nankai University Press China
  • INK Taiwan
  • Editions Philippe Picquier (A LA DECOUVERTE DU ROMAN)
  • Bokforlaget Wanzhi Sweden
  • Duke University Press (World English) (Both collections)