The Memory Artists

Jeffrey Moore

Winner of The Canadian Authors Association Award
Shortlisted for The Rogers’ Writers Trust Award
Shortlisted for Hugh Maclennan Prize
Shortlisted for Wordsworthy Award
Shortlisted for Sunburst Award

The Memory Artists

Noel Burun is hypermnesiac: he cannot forget anything, and when people speak he sees their words as colours, his comprehension dependent on their manner of speech. His mother, Stella has Alzheimer’s. In the same house, a man who remembers too much, and a woman who cannot remember at all. Norval is Noel’s double, and a man whose memory is tainted by an unfinished love story, while JJ, who is trapped by nostalgia for his childhood, and Samirah – who is trying to escape a former identity – may yet revive Stella from her seemingly fatal condition…

The outstanding, hilarious second novel from a writer whose work is so “full of quirks and quick-turns, wit and erudition” (The Guardian) that readers will find THE MEMORY ARTISTS impossible to put down.

‘A book that combines smartness with wisdom. Almost absurdly inventive.’ David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas, Telegraph Books of the Year.

‘Moore’s finely honed wit had me barking with laughter…all the hallmarks of his fiction are here. They include an ability to create engaging characters, and a fine balance of warmth, insight and eviscerating humour.’ The Independent

‘….wonderfully intense.’ The Lancet

‘Moore’s second novel is a model of inventiveness…..he shows great skill in his depictions of people’s feelings.’ Times Literary Supplement

‘This is a rich novel, erudite and funny… a pleasure to read; it’s strangely uplifting to spend time with these flawed but humane characters.’ New York Times

‘An exceptionally entertaining and clever novel which explores the intricacies of human memory while drawing a touching portrait of human relationships. Moore manages that rare combination of postmodern hyperintelligence, emotional insightfulness and cutting humor.’ US Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

‘Twisted, tragicomic and extremely entertaining…..The Memory Artists is one of those few novels that can pack in humour, pathos, satire, love, friendship, hope and cynicism all within one volume……..Like Life of Pi, The Memory Artists is one of those tales too fantastic to be true, yet so convincingly told that we can almost believe it. By turns puzzling, heartbreaking and laugh out loud funny, Jeffrey Moore’s witty prose will leave the reader out of breath at the end, wondering what the hell just happened.’ The Link

‘A metafictive puzzle box, a carefully structured collage of narrative voices…The novel is a delight…challenging, often beautiful, and frequently inspired narrative play.’ Straight (Vancouver)

‘..a writer of rare elegance and wit, not averse to using slapstick academic farce when it suits his purpose. The Memory Artists is an utterly ingenious work.’ Harbourfront Readings

‘Jeffrey Moore’s The Memory Artists is a quick witted, hilarious contemporary tale of the tricks of memory and the senses.’ Edinburgh-

‘The Memory Artists is a marvel.’ The Edmonton Journal

‘Leaves the reader spellbound.’ Scotland on Sunday

‘Canadian Moore exhibits a nimble, sprightly touch…dashing…heart-wrenching.’ Publishers Weekly


  • Weidenfeld & Nicolson UK
  • Penguin Canada
  • Marcos y Marcos Italy
  • Prometheus NL
  • Eichborn Germany
  • St Martin’s Press USA
  • Editions Philippe Rey France
  • XYZ Editeur Quebec
  • Maeva Spain
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  • Bertrand Editora Portugal
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