The City in Your Head

(De Staad in je Hoofd)

Tessa De Loo
The City in Your Head

Eight year old Twan’s family home in Nijmegen is destroyed in front of his eyes – by American bombs meant for Germany during World War II. The surrounding Upper Town, beautifully situated on a hill overlooking the river, collapses in flames. Suddenly he is an orphan. An aunt takes him in. Years later, as love blossoms between him and a young woman, Twan buys and restores a house in the scenic Lower Town. But the world is modernizing and the city council decides to replace the old houses there with new ones. Twan fights to save the historic part of the city from impending demolition, but the trauma of his childhood returns in full force.


  • De Arbeiderspers NL

Material: Finished copies of Dutch edition (300pp), sample English chapters